4G LTE – Vehicle GPS Tracking Device – Smart OBD

$175.00 $129.95


This OBD tracker is the next generation version, it runs on 4g LTE technology, and also has the capability to double as a WiFi HotSpot .This device is perfect for fleets and individual vehicles. It utilizes a standard interface (OBD 2) which is used on most vehicles today. This item requires a monthly data service plan (as low as $19.99). SIM activation is FREE! 

Available plans for this Vehicle Tracking Device:

– GPS Fleet Tracking & Vehicle Diagnostic Reading – $19.99 a Month

– In car WiFi HotSpot, Unlimited Data with a mix of (2GB of 4G &  Unlimited 3G data) – $39.99 a Month


—- Additional Details Below —-


  • Real Time Locates
  • Ignition on/off locates
  • Alert Notifications
  • 90 day history
  • Installs instantly, all antennas are internal
  • Compatible with all light duty vehicles built from 1996
  • Plugs right into OBD II Port
  • In vehicle WiFi Unlimited Data
  • … and more


Who are OBD GPS trackers designed for:

  • Vehicle owners
  • Small Fleets
  • Concerned Teen Drivers Parents
  • Business Owners
  • Families who take frequent trips and need WiFi for Netflix Streaming


Our OBD II  GPS Tracker is a wireless GPS tracking device that installs in seconds into your vehicle’s OBD-ll Port of your car or light truck (port is available in models from 1996). The GPS OBD device gets power from the OBD port. If the device is disconnected from the port our system generates a disconnect alert that goes out in SMS and email to the device’s owner once it is reconnected.


Once it’s plugged in, you can instantly locate your vehicle from our online portal, even if the vehicle isn’t running. Detailed reports are available, including historical “breadcrumb” reports that show where the vehicle has been, how fast it was driving, and the distance driven. You can also configure alerts based on speed, location, or when the ignition is turned on.


Our  OBD II GPS Tracking System is priced at a very affordable low price.

Requires a separately billed Monthly service plan fee as low as $19.99 to communicate over the cellular network. Cellular data is included in the Monthly fee.


If you want to take advantage of the in vehicle WiFi hotspot, a seperate monthly service fee is $39.99. This includes 2GB lf 4g LTE data then you will be transitioned to unlimited 3G data. 3G speeds are generally good enough to stream videos at lower resolutions.