How does GPS Tracking work?

The Plug & Track GPS solution is a sophisticated platform of systems that combine GPS satellite signals, vehicle status and events, transmitting data via wireless cellular networks to a host of powerful servers that turns the data into fleet intelligence. The Plug & Track GPS cloud based servers make all of this information available to its customers over a wide variety of online platforms.

Will Plug & Track GPS work in my vehicle?

Your Plug & Track GPS unit is compatible with most any 1996 or newer car, van, or Class 1 to Class 4 truck 16,000 lbs or lighter. The Plug & Track GPS device is not compatible with long haul tractor trailer units or heavy duty vehicles Class 6 and above as these vehicles are not equipped with a 16 pin OBDII connector. Check your vehicle for the 16-Pin OBDII connector, as pictured below,  typically found under the dash panel within 3 feet of the steering column.  For heavy duty vehicles purchase the hardwired device. Fleet Tracking

Find OBD port location


I want to have my alerts sent via text message. What's the best way to do that?

Alerts can be sent via email and or text, to send via email, simple enter your email address in the delivery box.

To receive the alerts via Text message, look at the table below and follow the instructions for your particular cell phone provider. notification


Why do I need a monthly service plan?

The GPS unit is a connected device and requires a separately billed service plan to wirelessly communicate the vehicle’s GPS data over the cellular network. The Service Plan fee includes both the cellular data fee and access to the Cloud mapping dashboard website.

No Contracts

We think there’s enough contracts in your life to add another one.

  • Cell phone contracts
  • Cable contracts
  • Gym membership, etc.

We give you the best incentive to provide you with the best service, since we don’t lock you into a 3-5 year contract, we  provide stellar service to keep you as a customer Month after Month.

Others that lock you into a long term service contract have no incentive to keep you happy.

Can I track my vehicle with my phone or tablet?

Yes. We offer you the possibility to download our Android or Apple App to follow your trackers either on your Smartphone or your Tablet.

The App is called inteltrack.

Will I know if my vehicle is being towed?

Yes. If the ignition is Off and thePlug & Track GPS device detects movement at any speed greater than 32 km/h (20 mp/h) for 10 seconds or longer a potential towing event is triggered. That event is stopped when the GPS calculated speed is less than 8 km/h (5 mp/h for 2 minutes or longer.

You can set an Alert on the dashboard to notify you by text or email for any potential towing events to protect your vehicle assets.

What is the Plug & Track GPS Return Policy?

Plug & Track GPS is Fleet Tracking Made Simple. Fleet businesses that invest in and utilize the features of Plug & Track GPS reap the benefits and realize long-term returns on their investment. Because, however, there are also many short-term goal orientated scenario’s for GPS vehicle tracking Plug & Track GPS has a “no return” policy. Examples of short-term goals might be where a consumer is interested in using a GPS device to find out if a spouse is cheating on them or a business wanting to know if a particular employee is misusing company vehicle assets while off the clock. In both of these scenarios the user could find out within days what is really going on and therefore no longer have a use for the tracking device they purchased. This has led to abuse of money back guarantees.

Clearly, we want to eliminate those abusing policy and at the same time make certain that those who make an investment with Plug & Track GPS receive the best possible care. Although we have a “no return” policy on all GPS hardware, we provide the highest level of support for any device purchased from our online store. That means if a product is found to be defective, as long as you use our service we will replace the defective device free of charge, you only pay for the shipping one way, free technical support. When buyers come to our online store they are guaranteed a GPS tracking system that performs to the highest level.

Is the Plug & Track GPS device covered by warranty?

Yes. if a product is found to be defective, as long as you use our service we will replace the defective device free of charge, you only pay for the shipping one way

How are the service plan fees collected?

Cellular service plan fees are billed through  to the credit card provided at the time of activation. A Monthly reoccurring fee will start on the day your  device is activated.

Will I be billed by T-mobile or Verizon?

No. Cellular service plan fees are billed through gpsnvision to the credit card provided at the time of activation. Gpsnvision deals directly with the wireless providers on your behalf and you will not receive any communication directly or indirectly as a result of your account with Plug & Track GPS.

How do I activate my Tracker GPS?

Activate your Tracker and select your monthly Service Plan by clicking the “Activate” icon found on the upper left corner of the page  Device Activation.

What cellular provider does my Plug & Track connect to?

Plug & Track GPS is partnered withT-Mobile  and Verizon. With coast to coast cellular network carriers. The Plug & Track GPS hardware shipped is specific to either T-Mobile or Verizon and cannot be migrated over to the other cellular network after the fact.

What happens if my vehicle travels outside of cellular coverage?

Your  GPS device  works in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

And it contains a back-up 1,000 position store and forward capacity should your vehicle ever travel into areas without sufficient cellular coverage. When back in cellular coverage the modem communicates all stored data to servers so that you virtually never lose sight of your fleet.

What happens if my vehicle travels outside of the United states?

Your  GPS device will connect to a cellular network in USA, Canada and Mexico without costly roaming charges. The unit will accumulate and store up to 1,000 position and status events  should you be in an area without cellular coverage and transmit this data once back within cellular range.

Can I suspend my Plug & Track GPS account for short period of time?

If you are running a seasonal business or require tracking devices for only portions of the year it may be best to put the device in “Suspend Mode” when not in use. Suspend mode suspends the tracking device, allowing it to be reactivated at a later date. Written confirmation via an email to for any unit that needs to be transferred into or out of suspension Mode”.

How do I go about cancelling my Plug & Track GPS account?

Should you no longer need your Plug & Track GPS account we require 30 days notice to cancel the monthly Service Plan on any device. This notice must be sent via email to

Please note that when your tracker account is deactivated all previous tracking data is deleted from the system. You are able to reactivate your device at a later date. If requested within 6-months there is a $35.00/Unit reactivation fee. After 6-months the cellular Company issues the number to another user and a new device will have to be purchased.

Do I have to bring the Plug & Track GPS device in for firmware updates?

No. The device receives updates to software, firmware, and configuration settings “Over-The-Air” which means you never have to bring your device in.

Does the Plug & Track GPS device have to be recharged at any time?

No. The device is powered by the vehicle through the OBDII port and never needs to be charged.

What happens if I get a new vehicle?

You can simply move the Plug & Track GPS Modem to a new vehicle or from vehicle to vehicle within your fleet. Not a problem, so long as the vehicle has a compatible OBDII port.

Can I use my own SIM card in the Plug & Track GPS modem?

No. For reliability and security Plug & Track GPS uses a custom APN (site to site VPN tunnel) with static IP for each modem (a separate pipeline if you will from the standard voice/data network). Cellular data costs are actually a small portion of the monthly service plan fee with ongoing Web Hosting making up the bulk of offset costs. Replacing the SIM in the Plug N Track GPS Modem will void the warranty on the device.

How long will my data by available online for?

Your data will be available online for 12 months. You should extract any data and run any reports within 4 months from the date of the activity.

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